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So I sent out a few fan letters a week ago hoping to score at least one of my first TTM autographs- got one back today as RTS sadly, but I posted the failure to fanmail.biz and they updated the address, so I was thinking of resending it. However, I just looked at the SASE I included- which I folded to fit the letter and was stamped by my mother at her office- and it looked like the ink got all smudged up when she refolded it after stamping. Thus, I was wondering- would this SASE have even been able to be sent back or should I address a new one? If not the former, then does this mean that the 2 other I wrote are moot also?  

Picture included below. Thanks...


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Actually, update- the other 2 were sent out in yellow manilla envelopes, which I don't believe I had to fold to fit the SASE into, so those ones might be ok... still though, I would like to know for further reference if this one even working would've been a possibility in the first place.


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