don't want your opinions from what you think about trump but would like a opinion about this autograph. don't have the knowledge of his autographs but by comparing this one with others i thought there is a good chance this this could be real. thank you for helping me.

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There are several people here who know Trump's signature fairly well, but most of them avoid commenting on the abbreviated campaign rally style sigs, myself included.

Doesn't look like Trump's Handwriting, IMO....


this style is too easy to forge and too difficult to authenticate.

I don't like it personally, this type of his signature is to hard to tell if it's authentic. I normally would only buy his signature if it's his full original signature or if it's certified on a book like the signing he did with Premiere Collectibles. 

personaly I think the front part is off

it looks like a mess

thanks for your opinions, at first i was positive but now i have to let it go. i thought this is not a autograph easy to forge but could be wrong.

I think that was a smart move, Rob.

his sig is a bunch of up and down lines and is very faked. 

also tons of autopens out being sold as real




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