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Mr. Pernice wrote "I am collector and genuinely love this hobby."


I'd love to see what's in your collection, Mr. Pernice.

Oh, he's a collector alright, and when you come to think about it, why wouldn't he love this hobby? Look at what it has allowed them to do.

I am thoroughly enjoying this thread. I can't believe this place is in business. 

Doesn't surprise me at all.  The only people that care are the collectors here.

I guess that's true... clearly they sell stuff and people believe it.

I remember about 11 years ago on Ebay there was a seller who sold thousands of dollars in forgeries before he was finally booted off.

He would sell forgeries of all the major stars in baseball (Jeter, etc).  Autographed bats, baseballs, hats, etc.

The people that bought his crap were not the sharpest tools in the shed.

If they had just looked at his feedback, they would have noticed that the revenue he generated from the sales of forgeries was being used to purchase PSA and JSA certed autographs of the same athletes that he was selling forgeries of.

At least Nico79 had one decent thread.


The below is listed by Ebay seller Stevew6 (a consistent seller of GFA-certed forgeries).

This is an example of what a "Forensic Authenticator (Stephen Rocchi)" claims is authentic.

Look at this crap!!!

"Custom framed in archival wood"

No such thing.


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