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"Yeah I'm sure" All of the Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and that cast signed Scream poster with "Rose Mcgowan" I've seen from you guys is complete garbage. Also if your guys stock is all or mostly authenticated by a third party then why not say that in the listing and show cert number from said company. Also from what I've read and heard I wouldn't touch anything with a sticker from AAU or GFA because I read and have seen they're known for authenticating forgeries. 

Garbage? Any of our movie pieces like those come from the same collectors of TMZ.

Out of curiosity Cliff, where did you get your degree in authentication? How long have you been a certified hand writing expert? Go ahead.. I'll wait.

Scott, there are knowledgeable fans and collectors on this site. People who pay attention, study and know their stuff out of pure enthusiasm for the hobby. I would sincerely consider thinking twice before treating us like we're stupid and firing off a condescending tone.

Your store sells garbage.  These are all garbage. Any U2 collector can verify that. Your forgers are not nearly as good as you think they are.

Well let's just compare the 2 cast signed posters with real examples of the cast. Top 2 are from you guys, from looking at those 2 alone I see major problems. The next 5 are real authentic examples of "Uma Thurman's autographs" and 5 real Tarantino graphs as well, also 5 real Samuel L Jackson and also 5 real Travolta graphs too. You can just see the major differences between the Authentic examples and the ones you have there Scott. 

Hell, just compare these two Pulp Fiction Displays. The Uma's are done by the same hand and it's not "Uma's hand" either. Also, same exact type of marker on both displays? I doubt that.

Stephen Rocchi (GFA) is on par with Chris "I Never Saw An Autograph I Didn't Like" and Drew Max.

In my opinion, since Sept. 2011, I don't think anyone has authenticated more forgeries than GFA.

Typical response from the crooks at antiquities. Cant believe anyone stupid enough to buy from you folks.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for joining the site and facing an audience you no doubt knew would be tough. 

You used to use Christopher Morales. I've only heard about you using AAU/Drew Max in recent years, though.

Here's another discussion on Antiquities of California posted yesterday that's much more comprehensive. You'll definitely want to participate in it:

About five years ago I purchased Sgt. Peppers signed by The Beatles. Listed price was $19,999 on sale for 50% off. About $9,000 including framing.
A couple of years ago while visiting the RRHOF in Cleveland, I told the then head archivist about my purchase and showed him photos. He said that the odds were about 95% that it was fake because real ones were selling for anywhere from $40,000-$250,000. He also pointed out that there were really only two places that could verify Beatles signatures and a professional memorabilia seller would use them.
So, what should I do? He suggested I go directly to the SF District Attorney. What say you?
I bought this from Brian at Antiquities of California...

Do you have your paperwork?


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