do you think is authentic? aspect opinions

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With all due respect, Nico, I know there's a bit of a communication and language barrier here, but, Nico, if want opinions, you have to post larger and clearer photos.

Also, don't post a new thread for every autograph(s) you post.

Slow down a bit.

Wow!! Full Sex Pistols with Sid Vicious on Drum Head  !!! Super Rare !!! :D
Must be the only one in the world !!!! I wish it's real !!!

English isn't Nico's native language. Be careful with sarcasm!
Anything you ever see from a company or place either called Antiquities of California or Antiquities of Las Vegas everthing from them are horrible forgeries. Most of the time a really high quality frame job is just a smoke screen for someone selling a forgers piece of junk other times it can be to make up for a less than nice piece. Not every high quality frame job like this are forgeries, there are some real autographed displays but about 99% of them are fake.

Samuel is right-on about that.

Most of that crap is "authenticated" by Chris "I Never Saw An Autograph I Didn't Like" Morales.

No, I don't think this is authentic. I would never buy it.
I am the Sales Manager at Antiquities of California. I'm a collector, and genuinely love this Hobby. So here are a few points clear things up for "professional authenticators" that find their way on to this site..

1- No we do not use Chris Morales for any type of Authentication. We use GFA, JSA, and AAU. These are the only companies we use.

2- the Sex Pistols piece has been authenticated by a third party. We spend $120 per signature in order to ensure the authenticity of everything we have.

3- our framing is the BEST!

Hope I could be a help here in understanding the way this business is ran, and has operated for 34 years. Thanks guys
Scott, love the John Bonham used drumhead.

What a great price for something that rare!

Gosh, who was the authenticator for that piece and what is his return policy?
Authenticated by GFA, full money back guarantee.

If you're talking about the known forgery outfit in Florida, this is not a good start.

The Stephen Rocchi "GFA?"

When's the last time a customer successfully returned something for a refund due to authenticity?

Also, can you point me to a piece you have authenticated by JSA?



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