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I would say not authentic but hang on for others to weigh in

Would have to see a much clearer pic.  Looks like the pen failed in parts.  There has been a considerable amount of very convincing looking dedicated/inscribed forgeries out of the UK in the past couple of years, so it has become much more difficult giving a green light to stuff at a glance, with a poor quality image.  Sorry I am of limited help here.  I used to believe I could not be tricked by forgeries, but that changed 2 years ago. 

I am not sure about the loop from the J into the K.  Also, the transition of the K into the R but perhaps that is the “pen failure”.  The “wling” looks pretty good though.

Thank you Gents.

have gone for it so will send a better photo presently.

Thankyou for the feedback and expertise.



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