this one is at auction now on catawiki and i thought to know a genuine jack nicholson autograph but i would never buy this 11x14 photo with psa-dna coa. i could be wrong and happy with some opinions because it can't be happening jack's autograph is changing that much?...

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i did contact catawiki and yesterday the seller and today this advert was gone...i did not get a answer from both?...

Just thought I'd chime in...

I mentioned some of this in another thread.

I purchased several PSA/DNA photos off the big auction site; Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, an Emma Watson, and a Scarlett Johansson... between a couple different sellers. They all had fake PSA holograms and COA cards.

I thought everything was good until I did my homework and signature comparisons. Looking at some of the other graphs the sellers were selling, they looked horrible (Nicholson, Redford, Newman). So, I talked to PSA and they confirmed things. They deactivated the numbers, and I was fortunate to return all the items and get my money back. It's pretty sad.  The lesson I learned is to buy the signature, not the sticker.

i understand that but when a item is authenticated by a company with a good name you should have some better feeling than to think could this be a fake from autograph to hologram + coa. so i think all good company's should not only have a name and number in their database but also a photo of the actual item to solve most of the problems which there are now. happy that you get your money back but how many people bought autographed items for a lot of money and don't know they have worthless pieces of paper (items) in their collection. for me this is some kind of horror and for us collectors more homework to find a trusted dealer or company.

I'd rather put that homework into the autographs than looking for a dealer. You still have the same work to do for each sig - sticker, dealer or whatever.

ok, i have not the 100% knowledge and i wish i have the solution for everything but i know some dealers from which i'am sure they only collect in person and that's what i ment to say. and there are company's with photo proof ''private signings'' from which i'am sure these autographed items are 100% genuine but very expencive. just buying autographs without any info or provenance is to risky and when a seller tells you about where and when how can you believe that?. i have only one autograph in mine collection without any proof because i saw directly it was legit and i'am sure any third party will authenticate it as genuine. but still this is risky as well...

I agree with you Rob.

I'm not knowledgeable in all the different autographs I buy. Even if I were, the forgers are so good, that I'm not confident to spend money without some reassurance that it's legit. I try to buy from the most reputable and recommended dealers, but often I rely on the sticker (or asking you guys). Unfortunately, I've started to back off the stickers and have lost some faith after going through what I did. There are many good dealers and companies that have a picture of the item in the COA. There's no reason the big TPA's haven't done this... put a photo with the cert verification. They do with most of the higher valued items, and really need to start with all their submissions.

even these cert with photo could be forgery's because a few weeks ago the owner of toppix autographs wasn't sure a certificate from his company on autograph live was legit. 

i think to solve the most is upgrading any database from the top company's and put photo's from the actual item with it. and protect these photo's so they can't be copied -.

did get a answer from catawiki today and they removed the advert and very happy with mine help and they gave me a vougher with a small amount of money. thank you ballroomdays 67 to confirm my thoughts about this item... also the seller on catawiki have a problem because he will get some investigation. 

That’s great, Rob! I’m glad that it worked out.

today one of the experts of catawiki contact me bij email and did explain a lot and again let me know he appreciated the help ''also he did ask or he could contact me for looking at future signed items before they put it on their site'' thought to let you know. 



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