Thanks to all the wonderful research from Eric in this forum I think I finally found a couple of authentic Gleason autographs. I was hoping he and anyone else who would care to opine could offer their opinions I would really appreciate it.

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Unfortunately, the forged Buick manual sold for $255.

The TWA playing card is now on offer somewhere as genuine I'm told and by a good dealer too it seems. I just don't understand it. This and the bogus manual were ultimately proven to be from the same source as I predicted. The card sold for only $114 on eBay, sold by a seller with a $76 Brando, Tom Petty, Jackson, and so on for absurd prices. :(

These are very poor forgeries and certainly look nothing like his 60's or 70's signatures. But then 1/2 the PSA/DNA exemplars are secretarials or very dumb forgeries.

The item has been sold or pulled I am told. :/

One thing is clear - no matter the source the same approach and work must be adhered to.

Now look! Fake as can be as described in this thread down to the source of at least the 2 Gleason forgeries. Now this is $1000!

This is 1970 TWA Gleason. Second line, cliclk twice please:



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