Hi guys, 

may i have your opinions on that Jagger? 


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For me fake... bad autograph... fake!

Yes my first thought was also fake. It is at Omega Auction UK at the moment and i thought i give it a try with you guys. Normally they have legit stuff and Roger Epperson looks at most of their stuff before they auction it but it doesnt say anything at this lot so i guess Roger didnt check that one.

If you are looking to a stones set... i have two stones set, one with mick taylor and one with brian jones. Contact me in private. I'm italian...

with Omega if it doesn't say prechecked by roger Epperson be very wary of any autographs , I noticed this with them and have been sold duds a few times in the past 

i think its quite a good fake but would stay well away 

I think this is a halfway decent attempt, but likely not real.  Otherwise why wouldn’t they have had REAL look at it?

theres no logic to which items they have checked ,they sold a signed stones record sleeve which Roger did check and it had the same style Mick Jagger it was almost identical so Roger did ok that one  

This is a very bad signature and like a fake and you say real because Roger Epperson maybe have saw this? Nooo my friend... also Epperson wrong sometimes or not have saw it. Could be a Jagger signature yes, bud is very very bad... i never buy a signature like this.

thanks guys! i stay away!




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