I found this on one of the Japanese auction sites that I follow. I was interested in first, but this program was signed multiple times on multiple pages by every member. It seemed a bit sketchy to me (and the signatures seems to vary a bit from page to page), but I wanted to get another opinion. Many thanks in advance.

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Totally fake. Not even close!

That’s what I thought too, but I just wanted someone else to confirm my thoughts. Thanks!

They're all signed by the same hand. Not genuine. 

PS, please try to include the artist's name in the title of your future posts so the experts in each field know you're looking for help. All the best.

My apologies! I didn’t think about that since I’d posted it in the Queen discussion. 

Thanks you for your reply. I thought the signatures all looked a bit off, but I just wanted to have someone else confirm my thoughts. Thank you for the reply! 

Awful. Furthermore, a waste of a nice program.

I agree. It's horrible how people ruin perfectly good memorabilia with fake signatures.




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