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Thanks, cancelled Waterstones and ordered 

Nice one, thanks!

Thanks, couldn't pass it up for $22 shipped to the US.

Mine came today, lousy sig, barely a J and a line.

Thanks and sorry, cancelled mine.

where did you order from ?


Pretty standard signature from him.

I also received my Waterstones copy.  Torn as to whether or not to cancel my Rough Trade preorder.  I like the print, but not sure I need two examples of his signature, and the text on their website indicates that the book itself will not be signed.

These lazy one letter signatures are becoming a real thing aren't they! I think I'm going to stop ordering promotional copies. Even Sigrid is going down this road. Rick Astley is a notable exception recently. And Florence (debatably). I've ordered a Craig David signed CD in advance, I hope its not a C.


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