Hello guys,

A few weeks ago I got after year of waiting response from Jennifer Connelly. I wrote her letter for the third time. 

Only thing I can say it is not PP (mine photos) and not autopen (I can see different pen movements, the intensity changes). BUT - I know Jennifer is known as celebrity who sometimes sends secretary signature. I tried to compare but not sure. Hope here is someone who will understand her signature for sure. :) Thank you very much.

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Not close to what I have gotten in person.  Sorry

Thank you. There are many samples from personal meetings and autographs via mail, every is different - even from personal meeting over the years. I can not say which ones are genuine and which not so hope for more opitions :-) 

Maybe this will help you form your own opinion.  My IP from last year.  I dont see many similar traits.

Thank you. I read she signing things differently. depends on time, rush and so. I saw a few "in person" pieces and everyone looks a little different. But this one I saw the most offten. I think mine is sec, but still little hope as I really want her :-D 




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