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Hello! I’m looking for a Jennifer Lawrence autograph. I’ve found a couple authentic (and expensive) ones but they’re probably worth it. This one I’m really skeptical about. It doesn’t look like her normal signature and has, “Hunger Games Authentic Memorabilia” stamped on the back along with a mockingjay. Let me know your thoughts! Thank you! :)

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Here’s the stamp on the back of it.

Also, these are more of her sloppy signatures. Thoughts on these as well? They were too much memory to add to the original discussion. Thank you! :)

This one is the most typical example you've posted.

I have gotten just "J" and just an "L" and a "JL" from her on the street.  Her streets autos are horrendous.  The ones I have gotten have looked very similar to the PSA and beckett ones you posted.



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