A bit pricey at $29. Personally hoping some signed LP covers show up somewhere.

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Guess people didn't have a problem with the price because it looks like they are all gone.

29.99 sounds like a bargain for a legend.

I would have bought one.

I would have too.

I'm surprised that they are gone so fast. Must not have had many available. Pretty sure the signed AIC album I got a while back from Amazon was just retail price. I'll keep an eye out for restocks.

I don't mind the $29 price but would prefer a signed LP 

He is playing here in Texas Aoril 2022, I will get him then LOL 

Thanks for the heads up. 

Being a kid in the 70's...  love the blacklight poster.

Placed my order.

Hopefully he doesn't sign with black sharpie on the black background. Lol

Selling pretty quick.  Only 6 left.  

Sold Out.   Glad I saw your post  -  Thanks!!


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