has anybody got information about what bookstores jerry is attending to sign his new book ? I say sign as I have seen at the barnes &noble store in new York while he will be in attendance the books will be pre signed and only the auther will be signing !! does that set any alarm bells off 

at this moment this is the only signing he will be attending  does anyone know of any others  as would really like to add him to my book collection and being based in uk I have to get in touch with the stores in usa !!


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Here they are:

Yep.. Those books look great!  The pre-signed books at the book events.... that is another story.  A long one....


It's a similar situation to what we've seen with the TTM signatures. He had to sign 750 book pages within a restricted space. He chose a tight, abbreviated signature style and attempted to keep it consistent over those 750 signatures. The signatures from his store are larger and more elaborate. He didn't have so many to sign.

"Keep it consistent over those".

So for 850 books he signed one way, totally out of the blue.  He made a "conscious effort" to sign those book event books a totally different way.   OK


It's not "totally out of the blue." Roger authenticated a JLL for RR Auction that Steve believes is in the same hand as one of the book signatures.

The ones roger authincated were real and mine. He passes a few that he saw as real because they were 

This one is real. Correct?

Yup done in person by me and I saw him sign it

This is the one I was referring to that was offered by RR Auction.

not mine

Here's an IP signature from wallsofsound2 on eBay.

I'd be a buyer if they were a bit less than $200. 



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