Bought this, don't think it is real.   Compared it with a few on Steiner and MLB Authentics and there are some glaring discrepencies in my opinion.

close-up of the autograph:

Few things jump out at me.  1)  every jeter autograph I have seen has him ending the D and not connecting it to other letters.  Secondly, the D is not as wide and doesn't have 3 smaller loops overlapping the D. 

2) the 2nd large loop always cuts across the set of smaller loops, doesn't come beneath the loops. 

3) the third large loop, either starts beneath the signature or ends beneath the signature.


4) this was one continuous motion, no breaks.


Here is one of the legit pieces I was comparing to:

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forgery, for the reasons you presented, plus the baseline in Jeter is way off.
try getting a refund if you can.  There is no such thing as a cheap Jeter, everyone who is trying to find "deals" will be buying forgeries.  For a Jeter signed anything, expect to shell out AT LEAST $200

Thank you guys.   Tony, please forgive my ignorance of the lingo, but what do you mean by "baseline is way off"?


Seller won't give me a refund.  Swears it is real and that the two companies who authenticated it are very good.  When I bought, he didn't tell me it was authenticated by those two companies or I wouldn't have bought it.  Filed a paypal claim, still waiting.

Patrick, you should definitely have a case if the seller sent you a different photo than what was represented in his/her ad.

Take a straight edge, and line it up under the signature that you know is authentic.  You will see that the signature mostly follows a straight line, with some letters consistently below and above what we call the "baseline".

Now take the straight edge, and place it under the forgery.  What do you see differently, toward the end of the signature?

Also, forgot to mention this wasn't the picture the seller showed me.  The one I saw was signed in blue, but on a dark part of the picture, so it was tough to see the autograph.  Figured he might be having difficulty moving it as most aren't going to pay the $200+ for an autograph that is tough to see.

what a crook.... paypal should give your refund with ease with that nonsense


Bad forgery..check real graphs first before buying offense....there ar4e real jeters on ebay..cheaper tha nSteiner..but you have to KNOW his graph before buying
Uhm, the one that was shown on the site I believe was real.  Like I said, this one wasn't what was shown to me.



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