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New to this website and curious if Jeter autograph experts can help me out if they think the attached Jeter signed card is authentic or not? I purchased on ebay several years ago and I know there are many fakes. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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jeters signing patterns can be so sporadic  and some are down right awful...this id personally stay away from because imo it has 50/50 good and bad qualities...a jeter "paid for" autograph are usually much better...and when he signs free he undoubtedly signs sloppy on purpose almost as if you wished he didnt sign the item...on those assements i cant say for sure good or bad,,,and for myself if i cant make a legit stab at an opinion id stay away... 

Thanks Cee Gee for your input. Sadly I have determined this to be a forged Jeter autograph and there are many out there with this style autograph that are sold cheap on various online marketplaces. So buyers beware of this Jeter signature style. 


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