JFK autograph on Senate stationary 1957 I;d like some feedback on authenticity, possible increased value because of historic content. and maybe my efforts to validate it.

i have a JFK on Senate stationary, it was to my father for applying to west point in the mid 50's, Interestingly my father applied initially in 54 JFK was famous for giving to his biggest donors and dad sought his Congressman's support instead and got in for academic year 54, and graduated 58. This letter I have is from 57, again rejecting an appt. yet he was already in his 3rd year.
Apparently JFK kept auto enrolling his previous years requestees.

For years now I have poured over jfk signature information, secretarial, robot, on his drugs off them. I got as many obvious authentic autographs as I could for comparison. And I examined it with my geology loupe. I was pretty sure it was authentic, but there was one secretary that was better than the others and hers was very close to his. Then I noticed something, no secretary or any other unauthentic I could ever find used the middle initial F. as far as I can tell none of the sec.'s used it. Only JFK used it. And I found this site and learned about this researcher, and learned about the visible e after the n. It actually looks like the sec.'s were 1 letter late with break in signature so it looked like ei instead of ie in JFK, 
So thanks whoever that was, it gave me a second validation source. I got 3 photos of absolutely real JFK signatures, a signed check, a photo of himself with a message and signature, and a graded authenticated example.
I've been examining this document for close to 8 years now, I can see pen swish marks bleeding ink zones and indents on the back where pressure from a human written autograph should be. I might just be an expert nyself now lol.

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