I've posted this in the authenticity forum but thought that someone here might give me an opinion. I obtained this JFK autograph from someone who claimed to know Robert White. I have paperwork that supports this but I suppose that could be faked. I've spoken with the seller and know who he is, so he's been pretty open about everything. However, I'd appreciate any opinions on this autograph. Thank you.

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Hi jean,
My name is Dave and I just posted a similar discussion as yours about your J.F.K.signature.I 'll send you a pic.of my signature so you can compare.You can read my post and will send a picture of mine.
Lots of luck in your answer. Dave

I don't like the JFK signature

I'm more concerned about the word "from" than I am the signature. JFK did not commonly use "from", he would writ "with very best wishes" or something to that effect


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