Do you believe this photo that was inscribed to Sandy Fox by President Kennedy is authentic?

Sandy Fox was the Director of Protocol for JFK. He essentially was in charge of social affairs, including the sending of invitations and things of that matter. I believe he served all of seven presidents.

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This isn't one I'm really considering buying. But if you want to look at some of the stuff he has for sale, there's the link above.

If I do buy another JFK, I'll probably go with a non-eBay item from a dealer in Canada that I am extremely confident in, a signed magazine. The guy wanted $1800 but would go $1400 on it.

But again, thank you so much James for your help.

That appears to be a forgery. He did post an example from Hamilton but none of what he posted matches anything close to that. JFK had a quickness to his signature and that appears to be very drawn. It doesn't match any examples from that time period that I've seen.

As far as the campaign brochure, that is authentic and was a steal. To think I paid close to $1500 for the same brochure signed. Sucks. But that is the business I guess. That guy really should have brought it to PSA for authentication.....could have easily gotten over $1000 for it I'd imagine.

I agree, James Stone. If he'd have gotten a PSA/DNA cert., I think he likely could have got in the $1500 range, maybe a little less since it's not real bold (but I wouldn't call it faded either). I was ready to pounce on it once my refund appeared, but I was a few hours too late. He just didn't give it a lot of time. James Stone, here is a link to the JFK that I do have. You can read about how the seller came upon it. There was a huge write-up last year in the KC Star about JFK's appearance at this high school which is located about three miles from Kansas City, MO. On the local news, they even interviewed a couple of people who got autographs from JFK that night. It is in Presidential Collecting:
James Stone, if you're interested, here is a link to the story about the event that was run in the Kansas City Star last year, upon the 50th anniversary of the assassination, entitled, "A Touch of Camelot in Kansas: Remembering the Night John F. Kennedy came to Johnson County". I live just about four miles from that high school. It's an interesting read I think. Of course, I'm a little biased. It looks as though JFK almost didn't make it there. Anyway here is the link if you would like to read it:

Very neat! Thanks for the link. I am very big into reenactments so I would have loved to gone there and seen that. I was lucky enough to be in Dallas Tx on the 50th Anniversary. It was my first time there and it was quite an experience. The highlight was getting to meet Clint Hill (JFK secret service). Even got my picture with him (which they said they don't normally do). As far as your JFK signed autograph, it is certainly authentic. Matches with the other standard JFK campaign autos he did. 

Thanks, James Stone for looking at these various JFK autographs, including the one I do have. It's amazing the way the seller of mine came upon it. It appears as though that autograph had been tucked away for many years, and perhaps even forgotten about. And I'm glad you liked the story in the KC Star. It sounds as though JFK came very close to not appearing. From what I understand, he didn't get to the high school until nearly 10 pm, just about 3 or 4 hours late. There would have been a lot of very disappointed people. It seems strange that the high school was also putting on their prom at the same time that the soon-to-be President was about to appear!

Anyway, what an amazing time to be in Dallas! I watched a lot of it on TV. I'm really glad that the city did that. How cool it must have been to be there. And to get your picture with Clint Hill - fantastic! I haven't ever made it to Dallas. I would love to do it sometime. I would really like to visit Dealey Plaza and the School Book Depository. The guy who sold me the JFK said he recently went there and went into the Depository. He said his first thoughts were, "No way. No way did Oswald get those accurate shots off from here!" I don't know what your opinion is, but his and mine are that it was a conspiracy and that Oswald really was a patsy like he said. But we can talk about that later!



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