I imagine most of you already know about JFK's last documented autograph less than hour before his death. 

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Garrett Meadows

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It appears that Kennedy signed his name twice on that piece of paper.  Is that right?

Also, I was always under the impression that the newspaper he signed for the (if I remember right) hotel maid on the morning of November 22, 1963 was considered to be the last autograph he signed.  Do you know the story behind that?

I heard the same thing. That's why I was surprised by this "last JFK autograph." This autograph didn't come to light until after the hotel-maid-autograph. Only a few hours separated the hotel-maid-autograph and this "last JFK autograph."

Yes, I, too, noticed that it appears JFK signed twice.

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Garrett M

Interesting.  The last time the maid’s newspaper was auctioned, I believe it sold for something like $38,000.  To me, even if it were the next-to-last autograph JFK signed, it would be more desirable because it’s on the front of a newspaper dated November 22, 1963 with a picture of Kennedy and an article detailing his trip to Texas.  

If I had the means, the newspaper would be the one I would hope to acquire some day.  I actually believe the $38k was well-spent.  I think the newspaper will ultimately sell for much more...unless the OP autograph replaces it for the title of “most desired”.  But really, the fact that both were signed on November 22, 1963 will ensure both are treasured by collectors and be highly-sought.

Good observations. I hadn't thought about that aspect of the maid-autograph.  I agree wholeheartedly that any item autographed by JFK on that day would be a treasure. 

As an aside, I believe JFK signed two "presentation portraits" for two dignitaries before he left Washington on Nov 21.  They were still waiting to be sent to the intended recipients when he died. I know they ended up on the market but the seller was asking an obscenely high figure for them.

as always

Garrett M

Here is a much more expansive article about JFK's last autograph.

And Garrett, might I make a suggestion?  If you would, would you please place this in the “John F. Kennedy autographs” forum.  This might be a discussion many of us may like to look back upon.  Doing so might make a bit easier to find later on.  It’s just a suggestion, and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Will do. I appreciate the info.



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