My Grandfather was a Deputy US Marshal 1960 to 1980. He was one of the 500 sent to Oxford Mississippi the day James Meredith enrolled there. This is a letter from President Kennedy thanking my Grandfather for his actions that night.I had it museum quality framed. Should of had scans and good pics taken before I framed it. I would like to know, is this his signature or autopen.

I would like to think he would of took the time to personally sign it considering my grandfather risked his life that night on Kennedy's orders. He fought gunfire and Molotov cocktails with rubber bullets and teargas.

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Since it relates to your grandfather, this is an import part of your family history. As ephemera goes, it does have monetary value. My opinion is autopen which is not uncommon
Karl the only thing is I have not been able to find a verified auto pen that even comes close to matching.
I just found an exact copy of the letter to a different US MARSHAL. It is an autopen. Funny how that never popped up in my searches until today.

Can you post the other letter you found for comparison?


Here is the other letter. It sold for $1500 on an auction site. Sold by Case antiques.

I guess it was worth some money because of the Civil Rights significance.

To be honest I find myself very disappointed that Kennedy would use an autopen on something like this.

What little regard I had for JFK is gone. I guess that's why my grandfather never showed anyone this letter. I found it in a box of stuff 18 years after he died.

It will not be hanging on the wall above my desk any longer.

Do not take it personally. I have seen letters by JFK sent to famous people and even world leaders signed by AP .  You miss the point on this one,  your grandfather did something great and this letter acknowledges and documents it. 

I'm not taking it personally, I just think it is insult to my grandfather and the others. A true lack of character to not take the time  to personally sign them.

There was The Cuban Missile Crisis after the events in Oxford. Ending October 28th, 1962, your letter dated December 6th...I imagine Kennedy was rather busy for some time afterward. To me, this give even greater context and additional meaning.

Yup, identical letter and signature... but, I also agree with the others.  I know it is disappointing however it should still hold some significance to you as it is a representation of an acknowledgement of your grandfather's contribution and gratitude on behalf of our country.  I, too, have a couple of letters from Kennedy as senator to my father that I was hoping were authentic. At least one is definitely secretarial and there are conflicting opinions regarding the other.  However, I still value them as they are directly related to Kennedy's assistance in helping my father become an American citizen. Much like you, I would have certainly loved it if he signed it personally but, given the family connection, I wouldn't part with it.



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