I picked up this JFK letter which came with JSA LOA but is the signature on the envelop legit as well?

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It's because of occurrences like this that I am very concerned about sending items in to PSA, JSA, or Beckett.  I've got some items that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt are authentic (JFK and others), but I am very concerned about the reliability of the major TPAs.  If they fail your authentic items, you're out a lot of money.  

that's why I would think doing a "quick opinion" first is a good first step before paying for the cert

And of course having it judged here before that


Well, I know there are several on here who think PSA's quick opinion is very poor.  

The quick opinion would not have helped here but I almost always order those if there is not an loa.  I generally check here.  Lately, I have been only collecting autographs over $1000....vintage beatles, stones, hendrix, bon scott, buddy holly, babe ruth, abe lincoln etc. and try to minimize risk.  I clearly dropped the ball here though.

The only other time that I was burned was on led zep album with bonham and phil weiss was quick to refund.  In my opinion, he runs a solid auction house.

I hold you guys in high regard and appreciate your esteemed opinions and benevolent persective, looking to promote the greater good.

Classic dilemma in today's autograph collecting world. Your danged if you do and danged if you don't. The rub I have is these TPAs are giving collectors a false sense of security. They get paid for rendering their opinion but have no real accountability when they get it wrong. What a racket!

Agreed Joe

It's very disturbing that they don't practice accountability to any degree.

And this leads to a complacent attitude which in turn leads to more mistakes.

Personal studies with the aid of people here seems to work best for me. And I use Epperson once in a while when things get tough.

I believe that as a whole, the members on here are actual much better than the TPAs.



I couldn't agree more!  Where is the accountability?

Unfortunately, I am not going to try for a refund.  The auction house does not specialize in autographs and they did the right thing in relying on a "somewhat reliable" authenticator.  I cannot, in good conscious, hold them responsible.

Dan, you have a very commendable and understandable attitude about this.  I see your viewpoint.  Now if you had gotten this from eBay, I would urge you to attempt to get a refund.  However, I'm sure ebay would point to the JSA LOA and say...sorry.

Google "hauls of shame jsa psa" to see the 100 worst mistakes between both companies. My favorites are James Earl Ray authenticated as James Earl Jones, Baseball's Clem Labine authenticated as Ernie Davis and Andre the Giant printed on magazine signature authenticated as authentic.



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