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This definitely isn’t authentic.

Thanks I didn’t think so. … just wanted expert opinion

You’re very welcome. Good call.

Ballroom, one thing that has to be pointed out and noted. You are always the epitome of professionalism and polite manners when advising or offering your greatly valued opinion. Not only is your opinion and investigative take on rock n roll memorabilia appreciated, as is your courtesy. Thanks so much.

Ditto……the above is a very poor attempt. They (attempts) seem to be getting worse with each moment of passing time!

+1 Eagle eyes and elephants memory as well!

This too is true Eric! Well pointed out! 

Wow. Thank you both for the kind words. I’m going to bet that you aren’t fans of Jerry Lee Lewis. LOL.

He had his moments! Actually, and interestingly, I have been a bit down on Garcia and The Dead of late! I did not appreciate the words he had to offer about Jim and The Doors, far be it for me to speak ill of the Dead!

Anyway, for anyone looking for a real and true Jim auto, the only live auction I found is

There currently are two genuine items on eBay but they are priced accordingly.

And avoid for example:


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