Hi. How much a Jim Morrison Signed Bank Check in 2017? A Check signed with full Jim Morrison name have more value?
Do you have something to sell me?
I have interest to buy a check...

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The following one is on eBay for $8,000.- or best offer.

I have 118 authentic JM exemplars in my files and only 13 of them are signed "Jim Morrison". All the rest are signed "JMorrison". There is only a few that are signed "James Morrison" or "James D. Morrison". A check signed JMorrison in my opinion goes for about $5k and the much rarer Jim Morrison check is about $6k to $6.5k in my opinion.        Jack...

The auction prices are not these... In the last years the jim morrison checks sold for 3500-4500$...


Your best bet to find one at that level will be in an upcoming auction.

What are these auctions??

If you are talking "auction prices" you're obviously not factoring in buyer's premium which can range from 22.5% to 30%. So factoring that in, you will never get one for under $5k. 

This following check that I own is not for sale as I have promised to sell it to another buyer. 

How much for it? Sure that you can't sell to me this?

This is the second one I own and would sell it if the price is right?.

Wow...the second one is KILLER!

plus 1

Who is the price? Thanks!



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