Hi. How much a Jim Morrison Signed Bank Check in 2017? A Check signed with full Jim Morrison name have more value?
Do you have something to sell me?
I have interest to buy a check...

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Other jim morrison check to sell???

Sorry, I only have the 2 of them. Your best bet is to try and negotiate the one on eBay for $8,000.-.

Do you really have a signed Jim Morrison check? Could you post a pic?

They are both posted on page 1 of this thread.

Wow!...Those are Really Great! Thank you Jack!

Your welcome Teresa...

This is not a real price... If you buy by a person, you can't have the same price like an auction including buyer premium... This is not a real price... Real pruce for a jim morrison check is 3500/4000$ or 5000$ if full signed...

Jack can ask as much for his items as he wants. Why don´t you just accept this and move on?
If he asks $10k and you really want it...then pay $10k...or move on...it´s really as simple as this.

I have items in my collection I would only sell for a price way over any auction price. Lots of emotions attached to them. I will either find a buyer who is willing to pay BIG money someday or I will never sell them.

But is not a real value... It's not an investment...
For me the autographs in the future not will be considered...


You are harassing Jack. The discussion on his Jim Morrison check is over. Do not mention it again.

Ok. Sorry. Bye



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