What do you think of this Jim Morrison signed guitar? Do you have photos of others to compare it to?

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Roger is a thousand times better at this than I...but since The Doors are my favorite band -- and I'm an autograph collector -- I've seen hundreds and hundreds of Morrison signatures. Lots of fakes, some real.


And, I used that same example. What if somebody is drunk? What if they sign while they are walking? I remember being 13, and getting Billy Cunningham, basketball Hall of Famer who was caoching the 76ers. I was thrilled. Nobody else asked for his autograph. They were trying to get Dr. J and Moses Malone. He was walking faster than anybody I've seen before or since, but he grabbed my paper, pen, and signed, never slowly down. I had to run to catch back up to him. I've since seen other signatures of his -- they look nothing like mine. I don't care, I'm keeping it, so no biggie. I imagine rock stars are drunk, walking, lots of things -- but you'd still see similarities.


This looks nothing like a real Morrison signature. Other than the "J" only part of his first name.

I viewed several similar signed rarities at an autograph store in Caeser's Palace in Vegas. I was saddened and disappointed in all the elaborately framed forgeries throughout the store.  This looks like it may have been from the same place.


well looks like EBAY removed a Morales authenticated Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace signed Morrison guitar so they must think so as well -> REMOVED
well, imagine that :)
I would agree with Roger not real, actually quite bad.
It looks like a guitar that would be sold at Autograph Central.  A company like American Royal Arts or Rockstar Gallery put it in a nice frame and charged thousands of dollars for a cheap guitar with some doodles on it.  A worthless piece of finely framed trash.

How about a first year issue Guitar from 1970, an expensive Sigma, made by C. F. Martin & Co., signed by Morrison?  Would that be more likely?  I think it more likely since no one would mess up a first year issue Martin with a fake signature.  I own several Martins and I would not let anyone put a fake signature on one.  They would have to be a superstar for me to let them do it.

I have such a guitar.  It also has a message on the back in the same script - unlikely that a forger would add more sample writing that might expose the fraud.

If respected Morrison experts agree that it's real you probably have a piece worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

I've never heard or seen a guitar signed by jim ever that was real.

You would have to change your name to Lawson’s Rare And One-Of-A-Kind Guitars.

Here are two Jim Morrison signed books in RRAuction's August sale:

Those MOrrison signatures are beautiful, Steve. And yeah -- if you have one of the 100 books Morrison published, with a signature -- chances are very good it's real.


That being said -- RR Auctions has also sold me many bad autographs over the years. But, they're always good about refunding (problem is, finding out they are fake!!!)





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