I thought some of you might be interested in Jimi's signature i got this at a gig at the Ricky Tick Hounslow when i was a teenager that night changed my life I then became a life long fan of Jimi i still am anyway i got this that night on a piece of paper i then went on to buy every record he made i very crudely selotaped it the my original Axis bold as Love album and its still there to this day as you can see its been played to death

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I love seeing these jewels. Thanks for sharing, David!

Your welcome

There are so many fakes out there i thought i might as well show a real one



Absolutely! I'd leave yours just the way it is. Authentic is every detail.

Very cool in.many aspects! Only of you had Jimi sign the album itself !!

Hi Paul

At the time i did not know anything about him it was just a normal night down one of the clubs near me  lots of clubs in those days. I had not heard of him or any music by him I do remember being gobsmacked by what I heard and saw I never moved from my spot for the show .The Ricky Tick was above a shop at the end of hounslow high street it was very small all painted jet black walls with brightly coloured jazzey caricatures all over the walls and a very floppy floor when the bands where on the floor moved a lot if i remember right thats why it closed down .At the time i was in a band from school after that night my music tastes changed completly we even did covers of some of Hendrix songs

at that time not many people liked Hendrix if fact  most people thought it was just noise luckily for me i loved it 

I didnot have any albums by him before that night so thats why I stuck it to the album  after 



It is a wonderful item and a personal time capsule for you - I agree with Joe. Leave as is and enjoy as is! Love it. Thank you. 

HI Eric

Thankyou for all the kind words everyone has said this is the first time i have every been on internet chat i read other peoples chats and advise but have allways been put off chatting when the negative chats happen.I did this because hopefully this will help others who are trying to get Jimi's signature to not get duped.Something I have noticed about a lot of the fakes is look at the I,s dot Jimi was left handed the dot flows left to right not right to left as seen on a lot of the fakes also the whole thing is very smooth and fluid either that or I got Jimi on a nice day when he was not rushed I still think mine is the best one ive seen

I have no intention to change anything because it is so important to me .Everytime I get this album out it does something to me  I have to touch the signature and talk to Jimi

I know I'm completly nuts but it does that to me I have always said I will leave it to my son when I go he can then decide what happens next i am quite old now so it wont be long



Hi, that is not nuts at all. I mentioned "personal time machine" and I was going to ask you what you feel when you hold it and here you've answered already :) Thank you. You are not old, you are cool! Online talking about meeting Jimi and getting his graph? That's cool!

Fantastic item and memories.Thank you for sharing.



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