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Interested to hear takes on this one 

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Post the entire LP please.

It's not real IMO but please post the LP so we can have it in our files.

I didn't think so either but where is Ballroom? Thanksgiving vacation? I hope he is well. He always appears here minutes after any Lennon, Beatles or Hendrix as you know.

I’m here. Ha ha. I think it could be real. It has some good traits and looks like it was neatly signed to fit within Noel’s shirt.

Good to see you! That "J" threw me for some reason.

That's interesting. I don't see it. Not just because the E is smoothly oval instead of having some straightness to the bottom and right of the loop. 

The type of pen that was used makes it a bit tough. The E does look more smoothly oval than you typically see.

I found this well worn site below very interesting in this context. I agree OP might well be good. I attach some images from the site for general interest.


I had an idea who might be offering this so I went to Gotta Have it Rock and Roll and found it in its current auction. 

Gotta Have It is owned by Ed Kosinski. I once was an expert witness against them in a case in 2015 where one of his consigners was awarded a $600,000+ judgment.

Last year he was arrested along with two others for allegedly trying to sell Don Henley's stolen handwritten lyrics to Hotel California

I'd be careful.

I personally have no interest in the item but I was on the fence regarding authenticity and that’s why I was keen to hear from others here.  It’s somewhat something of a tricky one


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