Spotted this "Jimmy Page" on facebook.
The man bought it from a UACC dealer so he thinks it's genuine.
I'm no expert at all but is this almost similar to the legit one?
To my eyes it's a FULL NO.
What do you think

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P.s.: I told the buyer to join this forum and/or contatc you on FB.
I feel sorry for him.

I could to buy this type of signature of Jimmy Page only in his site, in a his signed item. For me this type of signatures is easy to fake. I have in my collection two signatures of Page (1973 and 1979). Recent signatures for me are easy to fake.

So, if the signature is easy to Fake, then none of them are real to you??

Yes! Only some signatures ...for example the item sold in the Jimmy Page site. The last style of signature of jimmy Page (last 25/30 years) is terrible. 

I told the guy as well that I don't like it as the signature looks slowly drawn and not written

For me not real!!

How can it be Not Real. You don't like the Sig and don't think that any sig like this, is Real. If you don't know the signature, then you shouldn't Chime in. To you, all like this, is not Real. How can you possibly Help the OP, when your not capable of giving an informed Opinion. This Forum is set up to Help people with their Autographs and only those who know the Signature, should Chime in. Those who don't, should stay with the one's they do know.

Please don't yell at people. 

I think that you live in wonderland... Ciao!!

"In this style 10/6"

He contacted us on FB. I replied to him Monday. I'm glad he's getting more opinions.


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