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I've seen this for sale on Roger Epperson's website

Do you have concerns?

Old school signature by Jimmy

Hi Andrew,

    Absolutely, thinking of purchasing it but had to be certain it's genuine.  I want more collector's to comment on this thread.  Thanks.

AUTHENTIC for sale by Roger Epperson who bought it from RR where it was consigned by Marcus Brandes autographs from the massive scrapbook collection obtained in Austria in the 1970s all the signatures i have seen from the scrapbook which included full Zep sets ,deep purple etc were done in black marker, the scrapbook consisted of full magazine posters and cuttings,all the  pages were at one time glued to the scrapbook backing pages and have been removed they are on relatively thin cheap magazine paper so some have pull marks,thin pull areas and glue spots etc so take a good close look on the condition of the paper most seem to have come away in decent condition but i did own some of these myself and i remember some having slight damage 

Authenticity wise its passed through Marcus Brandes ,RR and Epperson so it should be good


I don't like it... because the signature is black in a dark area... genuine yes, but absolutely not too much nice. If you want i have a great signature of Jimmy to sell, a great item and signature. Bye.

Here is a set I own and definitely came from the scrap book.the Page sig is very similar to the Page sig spoken of.




   Your autograph display of Led Zeppelin is first rate.  I am drooling.  I am most impressed with John Bonham's autograph.  I'd bet you could get $15,000.00 for it.   Oh, can you please look at my Mick Jagger graph and tell me what you think?  Ask others to look at it too.  Thanks.

Thanks for the compliments.as for the Mick,IMO it looks ok to me .

I thank you Paul, are you familiar with his sig?  Because I have posted this  before and people said it was a fake.  I bought it from Roger Epperson so I was confident buying it.  I looked at several examplars and it looked close except for the a, which has an upswing to it-something I never seen before on Mick's signature.

I agree with Roger 


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