Why are Jimmy Page signed guitars priced high? Are they very rare or is it simply because it's Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, etc.? 

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becuase he doesnt sign autographs,hes an a****** ,he didnt even sign at  his book signing

try getting him to  sign good luck.

Is Jimmy's not signing a recent occurance (last 10 yrs) or has he always been this way?

jimmy hasnt been a good signed for way over 10 years .hes been togh for over 20 years. hes not nice and very hard to get and very tought now but wasnt easy 20 years ago either

Does your answer apply the same to pick guards as well? I guess I really meant either/or actually. Thanks....

I met him in 02 we had a 5 minute conversation and he signed 2 items for me.i guess he was nice that day.

What items were signed, if I may ask?

He signed my nieces 11x14 portrait .her name is Paige .my brother named her after him.he,really got a kick out of that.he was very polite.he said she was very cutr.then he signed my zep 1 album.i had a perfect gold paint pen.he shook my hand and i told him i was a huge fan then i got up and walked away.here is a picture of the album

Very nice.

Wow -- I bet that frame job cost a FORTUNE!  Great story. 

It was expensive for sure but it’s definitely a one of a kind.

An absolute beauty signed perfectly!

I think the question pertained to guitars, and the very simple answer is he doesn't sign guitars.

He and Robert Plant did 50 or so for Second Harvest back in the 1990s....any others are pretty rare. 

They exist, sure, but very few come to market.

I generally search for them once a day, and not much has popped up in the recent years, other than the Second Harvest ones. And some of those were signed with a very fine tip silver pen, which makes them pretty tough to see.

And in general people who do have them don't sell them.

It's not like Darth Vader pictures where there are 90,000, they just don't exist on an "on demand" type circumstance.

In addition, Jimmy Page is one of those sigs where it is always going to be desired. 

He is the lead guitarist for one of the greatest rock and roll bands, a genre that is aging quite gracefully in the collector's market.

Hope this helps-



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