Hi again,

I bought this one from Nick Straw who I know is one of the good guys. Nevertheless I'm not too certain whether or not it's legit. Specifically I don't Like the second downward strike in the "J" which as far as I know usually is written straight downward and not diagonally to the left towards the first downward strike.

Secondly the "in"-part in "Rowling" seems to be too narrowly written, usually her sig seems to require more space into the length.

Do you think it's authentic nevertheless? Thanks for your help!

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Doubtful, IMHO.

+ 100

Looks fine imo. If you don't like it, I'm certain he will give you your money back.

A couple of variations...

Her signature does vary. 

Similar to yours.  Yours is not typical, but non the less authentic.

Thanks a lot, Mikex, for the efforts you have taken to help me! Now I feel much more comfortable with my piece.



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