Only $999, get them before they’re gone! “I Hate Myself for Paying You,” Joan, therefore I won’t.

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I was super Excited until i saw the Price LOL! 

A thousand dollars?! I can’t imagine they’ll sell any...

They've Sold 21 out of the 40.... lets hope they pack everything well

That much money, and it's autopen (I kid, I kid). Yeah, anybody that pays that is nuts.

Makes Alanis look cheap...

Hope she has enough rich female "fans"

You might want to note that this package includes a lot of stuff - including a guitar and an amp. I didn't do the math on everything in the package, and I suspect it's hardly a "good deal" to anyone other than hardcore Jett fans, but it's not like you're dropping a grand on a signed item and a couple worthless trinkets.



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