This was posted on FB Forum by an in person collector who obtained the autograph at the “Napoleon” London Premiere on Nov 16, 2023.

Looking for advice or opinions.
At first I thought I’d just got a full Joaquin Phoenix signature at the Napoleon premiere but the more I look at it I can’t tell whether he’s signed it ‘Joker’.
As most people know Joaquin has barely signed since Joker was released. However every single autograph he signed at the Napoleon premiere was completely different. Some got closer to his normal scribbles, some got much fuller signatures but ALL of them looked completely different. Not one signature looked the same.
Curious as to what people’s views are. As signature vs ‘Joker’ makes a huge difference in value and don’t want to under/overcharge if this is the case.
Joaquin is one of the most unusual actors even when signing autographs.

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It has, to me, seven movement areas, so I am guessing "Joaquin".

It looks like "Joaquin" to me. Anyway don't see him signing like that too often. Usually a squiggle. 

I thought there would be a lot more responses.

I'm not sure that asking what it says so he can make more money is gonna get much attention on a collectors forum.

He actually was concerned about overcharging as well. Hence the question. J.Seah is one of the best and strongest collectors in here. Highly respected. Anyway, the question was an interesting one IMO. 

The text was from the original post that originated from a Facebook Forum. Posted by an In Person Collector who got the autograph signed at the London "Napoleon" Premiere,  

I admit I misread it too, but I had no problem answering. Perhaps quotation marks would make it more clear?


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