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I have this autographed album of the recently deceased Joe Cocker.  Anybody know if it is authentic?  Any input would be greatly appreciated.




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"Recently deceased" is an understatement. Can't you give him 24 hours to rest in peace?

Give it a rest high and mighty.

I don't like it. His signature is quite simple but this looks like it is off. The Joe looks wrong in formation and the end of Cocker also looks wrong

I agree. I don't think it's authentic.


I dont like it either.  I just posted a real IP in another Joe Cocker topic.  Looks nothing like this one, sorry.  RIP Joe.

There are a few samples on RRauction.com such as this one and I see similarities and differences with yours. Yours may be a rushed in-person example or no good. I personally can't tell.

I didn't mean to upset anyone.  I've had this for a while and just now thought about it when I heard he died.  I actually saw him in concert in the early 70's when I was in high school.  Thanks for all your input.

You didn't upset anyone. It's nobodies business what you have and what your plans are with it. People sell autographs of the deceased everyday.


Maybe I was a touch hasty but "high and mighty" is going a bit far.

If Kirby had explained how he had seen Joe in the 70s and forgotten about the autograph until yesterday's news it would have put his authenticity question into some context. 

I agree with Rick that people sell autographs of the deceased everyday but I think most people would agree that selling within 24 hours of the deceased's death is a touch tasteless. You could say that there is never a right time to sell but I would at least wait until things settle down a bit and the funeral is over - as you probably would before starting to dig through a deceased person's effects.

I know Kirby didn't actually say that he was planning to sell.  

Every time somebody passes it generates interest in their signatures. Nothing going to change that. And every time we get somebody with comments like yours, usually by folks who are bummed they don't have one.

Some may consider it tasteless. I myself wouldn't sell a signature of somebody immediately upon hearing of their death. That's just me. I have a ton of Tillman signatures and could have made a grip selling them but I'm just a collector and usually trade before I sell.

But if I were inclined to sell them or any of my four  Joe Cocker signatures and I have 4  I have every right to do so. Nobody is governed by what YOU think is right or wrong.  Just the point I was making.


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