Would like your thoughts on these two Joe Walsh signed albums. Both authentic?

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mc, I've never tried a ttm request before although want to send something to Joe to have signed. I want to prepay for the shipping back to me and include the postage. Can I just purchase a return shipping label which would cover the costs? How you address this issue?

Assuming you live here in the U.S......address  what you are sending to his address and include inside the contents something suitable to return your item/items addressed to yourself.  Then take it all to the post office and tell them you want to send it all and have the contents returned back to you in the enclosed SASE.  The post office will know just how to do it.  And don't forget to add a note to the person you want to sign for you.

Thanks, Joseph.

I sent him the larger 8x10 photo and he threw in the smaller 5x7 as an extra tidbit for me.  I had asked him to not personalize it but he did anyways....but he's an icon so take whatever they like to give you.  and yes....that is the address to send to.

Don't ask people not to personalize. It ruins it for ALL OF US collectors, because they just think you're selling at that point. Just don't say anything, and hope they don't.

I think getting it personalized is just dandy.


I'm not a seller so everytime I get an IP or TTM sig, I ask for it to be personalized because it's for me and not anyone else. I'm a collector, not a business man

I like to get mine personalized and also dated. I wish I had done that 30+ years ago.  The only exception is when I get band signatures on an album cover.  I do not want all 5 members inscribing my name.  Then it looks like this crappy mess that I have from The Go-Go's.

Myself, after I’m gone....which is way closer than it is far away....my heirs who will get all of my stuff might want to keep a few or so selected pieces for themselves but overall they are not going to be interested in most of it, if they even know who most of the signatures are.  So what will they do?  Either sell it of course or it will all wind up in the thrift stores and if they sell it, which is probably what will happen, they would have a lot of difficulty selling personalized items and if they can sell them they will get a whole lot less than what they would otherwise.  And of course we all want the best for our children...right?  So that is why I like my items to not be personalized if I can help it.



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