So I finally went to get my signed copy of "profiles in courage" authenticated from PSA/DNA and as I knew they would do it was deemed "questionable authenticity". How can this company call themselves professional authenticators? I'm from Massachusetts this book has been in my family's collection the entire time and it was hand signed in person when he was a Massachusetts senator. I read forums on the web of other instances where a person had an item hand signed in person and sent in to psa only to have it deemed "questionable authenticity" as well. I guess you just have to be a big time dealer that spends a ton of money with them to have these guys give you an authentic or a high grade. I also found a similar Kennedy signature on this very forum.

**If anyone is interested I will be listing this book on eBay once I get it back from psa.

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Thoughts on this one?


I think it is real.

Thank you! JSA issued me a LOA on it, just like all the opinions I can get. 

Hi Mr. Wiemer. I do not collect JFK but am just curious is there a way to know an Evelyn Lincoln version of JFK opposed to other secretaries?

Charles Hamilton about Evelyn Lincoln secretary signatures: "The comic - Lemming Signature". Perhaps the most amusing attempt to imitate President Kennedy's signature. I have in my book 15 secretary signatures identified and all are very different.

Thank you very much.

Thank you! Atleast you explained what was questionable about it. Unlike the paid service I purchased. Thank you very much for the feedback.
To the original poster, we all know Andreas's expertise with JFK signature, and just to concur...I have been studying JFK signatures heavily over the last two and a half years, and yes, unfortunately, the JFK autograph in that book is a very common secretarial style.

I'm actually surprised that PSA didn't flat out say it was not authentic.



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