so I know I posted this before but my account (KD) got accidentally suspended and we couldn't get it back so I had to make a new one, and I think everything I posted on the KD account got deleted as well. I couldn't find this on a search so I think that's the case anyway. 

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yeah, you're right it was the Rick Springfield thread and I didn't post that so I guess I must have just commented close by that guy or something. I just remember seeing Sean call the guy out, and then Rich asking for him to be gone, and I checked the site a little later and I was gone lol

I briefly checked that guy out.. cant remember the name but I know he only had like 4 total posts.. I remembered one from a while ago about some crazy essay link he posted. A mistake like this should not have happened, caused by some random guy with 4 posts.. unbelievable 

Mine came today! Little disappointed it’s a small art card but sig is nice

I know he signed a lot of these and I see dots at the beginning and end of letters. Is anyone concerned about autopen?

This hasn’t crossed my mind for him! Just had a look at a few on EBay and mine - I’m by no means any sort of expect but they all look different so I’m not assuming autopen unless anyone tells me otherwise

Here are mine, certainly not an expert either but I think these are all good based on the varieties I’ve seen so far  

New here ☺️ Is the signed poster here an original ?*/*/Legend-CD-Signed-Poster/7KDX0000000

The signed poster is a nice surprise, it didn't come folded


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