so I know I posted this before but my account (KD) got accidentally suspended and we couldn't get it back so I had to make a new one, and I think everything I posted on the KD account got deleted as well. I couldn't find this on a search so I think that's the case anyway. 

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That's really too bad and sorry for you! You are one of those who help the most here and invest a lot of time (whether you have the time or not). Thank you for your help!

yeah, I'm just glad I got back in, I spend so much time on this site that I was lost when I was locked out lol. it was no big deal making another account although I did get a little bummed that everything I ever posted was gone. the first thing I searched for was my David Gilmour post, which I still consider my greatest find, and no trace of it. but in the end no big deal.

Probably the total number of posts has decreased by a third in a short time…

Lol right…I think it recently hit 3500 discussions per main page count and now showing just over 3K. Not saying that’s accurate reflection of anything but for what it’s worth…would not be surprised if more.

I just had a look.. my post numbers are accurate but certain ones, if I click the link, it says this page does not exist... the info is sill technically there but it would take an extreme amount of effort from a ton of people to piece things together

Woah, that was unexpected! Unbelievable! So every post you have started is gone? If so, thats a huge blow for everyone on this forum.. so much information gone forever

You are the last person this should have happened to lol. Glad to see you back on but sucks all your posts are gone. 

Yeah it's not like I really went back and looked at the old posts anyway and it did clean the forum up a good amount lol

OMG,  they killed Kenney... YOU BASTARDS!!! .. not making fun at all.. just using an iconic catch phrase to voice my displeasure.. this is a very sad day for this forum

I am a huge advocate of keeping information available for everyone.. you personally might not ever go back but it is valuable information down the road for when certain items were available.. its a tremendous amount of info that will surely be missed.. im dumbfounded.. this should not happen

yeah, it's unfortunate but it was an accident and those happen. they were actually trying to suspend some other idiot that was posting spam and just hit me in error since I was the one that posted the thread they were spamming on. 

That guy that posted the nonsense on the Rick Springfield thread? 


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