I know that this period of signature is being forged recently. What do you guys think?

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Is this one for sale again?


It's unusually neatly signed for a WFIL signature, and to me doesn't show strong traits of his authentic signature like some of the others from WFIL. On the other hand, it was authenticated by Cox, and a signed Imagine with a similar signature was authenticated by Caiazzo and sold at auction for $10.5K.

I always ask me where have all these (similar) 75' sigs of Lennon been in the last 42 years!! Why are approx. 30 of these sigs appearing in 2017 only! I once stopped to count! It's a surprise that nearly all are not faded - many looks like written yesterday - and some have some dots like this one! Best Regards from Madame Plotterfly. 

In my opinion with some knowledges the writer of these sigs is still alive, writes sitting and the market will be glad to get more and more...!  

@ballroomDays67: Re: Cox - - Some weeks ago a US-seller tried to sell a (faked) Lennon autograph at eBay which was sold before for approx. $ 1,000 at another auctionhouse. Seller offered the sig now with BUYITNOW for $ 500 only! Oooops! Seller was informed by another party that the sig is a fake and no chance to sell at eBay! Sellers response: "Don't worry, I give it to Perry Cox, he sells it for me". Two weeks later the faked autograph was sold  for $ 1,400 (approx.) by .......Cox! Any questions? 



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