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I think it stands a chance,although very faded!

looks good

Where did you obtain this might I ask ?

Thanks so much for your opinion, Richard & Terrier.

I have just got more information that this autograph was obtained from seller's mother at Saint Paul - France in 1969. The autograph inscription is "John Lennon Pour Susanne". Do you think the story is possible and What will be suitable price for this autograph?
Kit, I think this is authentic as well. Because it is somewhat faded and the item condition is not great, I would think its value would be around $800-$1200. I'm just kind of speculating, though.

As far as the story being believable, I would just try to use Google to find out if it is possible to place him in France at that time.

Thanks for your opinion, James. I have checked on Google and found that John & Yoko visited France at that time. Below is another autograph that he signed in 1969, which is quite similar to this one (especially "P" word).



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