Dear All,

need also feedback on john Lennon autograph as i am clueless on Lennon.

and the COA [looks shady - never heard of this company]

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Not authentic, in my opinion. I've certainly heard of this company and it's amazing to see their COA framed together with the item. 

I would highly doubt ANYTHING with a "Heroes and Legends" COA.  They were busted at a record show years ago for selling a signed Hendrix album that came out AFTER he died!  Stay far away.

I suppose its from the same genius who framed their Hendrix with the ugly COA.

not real.

not authentic

thanks everyone. Heroes & Legends is mentioned before on this site and all in a bad light!

am glad i asked this of everyone here!

Guess only two names that matter in Beatles are Frank Ciazzio and Perry D Cox. right?

i think that you are just as well off with roger epperson as caiazzo with beatles autographs.

i agree Roger Epperson is a perfect choice as well!

Or tracks in UK

how does one get in touch with tracks in UK? or Ciazzo?


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