i just won this on ebay from a guy from manchester england who claims his friend gave him this as he lived in america and it was signed on two seperate occasions...i have said im not sure now if i want it so i can cancel  my winning bid was £350  


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the pictures are kinda hard to see the lennon , but (with the LITTLE) i know on lennon autographs i would think that he would have signed higher up more in a clearer spot to see the signature and done the doodle he did in 1980? i think double fantasy was fairly new when he passed so im not to sure.but i wouldn't buy it


Hope im proven wrong

It could be the real thing.Its so hard to see,but It just might be!

I don't like the Yoko Ono signature. And I agree with Steven that Double Fantasy was just released when Lennon died. I have heard that there is less than 25 genuine signed. Most of those were for people at the record company and they were usually dedicated. But it real hard to see Lennons signature. So I would stay away from it.

Ye I didn't buy it in the end. I win it but before paying asked the guy for a better pic of the Lennon signature and he ignores it an relisted it saying I didn't pay because he had no coa and he only got £35 for it and would not let me bid a second time so I'm glad I didn't pay



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