There was a recent discussion of a Lennon signature claimed to be from his appearance at radio station WFIL's Helping Hands Marathon in May, 1975. This prompted a suggestion that we should have a signature study of Lennon's sometimes difficult to authenticate post-Beatles signature. Some examples from this period are highly abbreviated.

I'd like to start by focusing on that May 1975 signing appearance with exemplars that are believed to be from that 3-day period. What would be particularly helpful would be examples from catalogs that go back a ways.

Here are a couple of WFIL signatures from Meet the Beatles For Real, one of which includes a doodle.

Here's a group of check signatures from 1970, sorted by date - April 8, June 3 (2), July 7, October 14, November 12 (3).

A few more from 1970:

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I agree!
There doesn't seem to be much interest in this thread though.

I, for one, am extremely interested but these things can take time to develop. The Beatles signed LP census project has been going on for years now. It is also a peak holiday period in Europe.

As I said above, I think it would help to analyse each main period separately before trying to identify characteristics that remained constant from 1970 to 1980. If we start by comparing 1970 cheque signatures to signatures from the WFL event in 1975 or to Double Fantasy signatures we may just give up in frustration.  

I am following along as well with great interest. 

Wow, nice work, Ballroom!

Great job Ballroom...nice work!!!

Here 's a nice one of mine from c.1975...

Jim, this was supposed to be 1970-1980 postings,  Ballroom did allot of legwork to keep it on that 70-80 date range, how about starting a 60's posting, , I would like them in different postings, just my 2cents, I guess lets see what the peeps say

Here's my nid 70s lennon.

The variety of these mid-70s Lennons is quite incredible. How a man could sign his name so differently over such a short period of time (3 days in the case of the WFL) amazes me.

I know I keep harping on about it but the presence and form of the "h" and "L" is particularly interesting to me - sometimes there appears to be no "h" at all and the "L" is sometimes appears to be upper case, sometimes lower and the lower case types sometimes look like "l" and sometimes "e". 

Looking at the examples posted by Jim and Paul above, I would have thought that Jim's pre-dates Paul's by quite some years.

Great thread, I remember Steve suggesting it but I have only just noticed it.

In the WFIL section I'd put the signed "Walls and Bridges" (First one) as being a bit later, not just the style but also the fact that it's much neater than most of the WFIL signatures.

I'll try to post my own 1978 later, I don't have access to a scanner right now but might be able to find an old jpeg of it I have somewhere.

Earth to Ballroom, come in, Ballroom!

Ballroom sent me a note the other day that he'll be back as soon as he can be.



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