I posted a picture of this book earlier this week, but it was in a discussion titled, "Does anyone know who Gary Hein is?" Gary Hein is the gentleman who authenticated this book in 1999. He is the owner of Hein's Rare Collectibles. He is said to be a Beatles expert with nearly 40 years experience now.

So previously, my friends Paul and Ballroom gave the thumbs up, and Terrier commented on Hein's website, but said he wasn't questioning the authenticity. All three of these members have great credibility and are respected members of this site. And I thank them for their opinions.

Well, so now I have purchased the book! My first Lennon ever! I just bought it last night, so I have not yet received it.

So I would like to get as many opinions as possible. I hope I made a good purchase. I think I did.

So please opine away. There is a picture below. Thanks in advance.

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Thank you, Jim. You are so right!

The cool thing is...you've got something that Lennon signed....and,that he held in his hands!

I know...that is so cool to think about! The great John Lennon holding my book in his hands and then signing it. In my mind, he was one of the greatest figures of the 20th century. I'm in awe just thinking about it.

The man was not just the leader of the Beatles...the BIGGEST rock'n'roll band of all time...

...he has become an historical figure. Anything that Lennon wore...owned...signed...used...

...or touched....can be worth a small fortune!!!

There is no doubt that Lennon is a giant in...dare I say...world history! Obviously, his persona transcended music. He was arguably the greatest music icon ever. But he was also a huge icon of popular culture. The Beatles had an everlasting influence on society around the world, and as you say, he was their leader (although Paul had tremendous influence as well). But Lennon also greatly influenced world politics and was viewed by the establishment as a threat due to his enormous influence on the young. Lennon stood for love and peace. He was truly one of the greatest historical icons of the 20th century.
He was extremely charasmatic!


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