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I don't think this is real but I think it's a very good forgery.

I think this is authentic. It’s in a copy of In His Own Write.

It doesn't look signed as quickly and flowingly as usual.

It does have a bit of an awkward appearance with some sharp angles.

I think it’s authentic, the seller is a AML member and very knowledgeable concerning Beatles autographs and very easy to deal with , I see no issues 

The flow just rubs me wrong. If you guys think it's good you're probably right, especially if I end up being the lone ranger here. 

It some positives but not really sure. I have attached a pic from another signed copy of In His Own Write. Very similar.

the "nn" in your example is much more typical.  that is the part that concerns me about the one in the OP.  Lennon was all over the place so very hard to authenticate, at least for me.

I agree that Lennon was all over the place as you said, however lots of authenticated beautiful exemplars are out there and I think this one in the OP is legit. I really like the autographed Fan Club signed postcard in this Beatles forum. I noticed though in reviewing other Beatles posts that you never liked the Lennon Harrison Diary page which I thought was absolutely spot on as I think I'm a pretty qualified eye for all things Beatles, and it was even authenticated by some experts. Out of interest, what are your personal credentials terrier8of?

What are yours?  I am not the only one that questions that page, why don't you ask the others about their personal credentials?  You are not fooling anybody believe me.

Terrier was Neil Aspinall’s assistant on the Beatles US tours.

It’s genuine 



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