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Thats exactly what i was also questioning ,ive never seen such a squirly Lennon.i think a life time warranty is absolutely transferrable. The signature is guaranteed,i dont think it matters who owns it.thanks for all opinions .Im gonna have  Jason at tracks look at it too.

The warranty is an interesting point. If it was originally sold for say $1000 10 years ago and the asking/sale price now is say $2000. If it turns out to be fake then I’m assuming you would only get $1000 back from the warranty assuming the person you buy it from won’t return your money? Again assuming a lifetime warranty is exactly that and is transferable. I’d want to be 100% sure before I parted with any of my hard earned cash.

my understanding , when I queried what a lifetime warranty meant with a company that was offering one, was that it was not transferrablw which may be an important point to consider.  A full refund was only guaranteed to the original purchaser

I wouldn’t go near it. An obvious fake IMO.

I am also still not convinced that this is real. To me the "John" seems later than 1975 and the Lennon is all over the place. Given that any post-Revolver LP signed by Lennon is worth its weight in gold I would think extreme caution is needed here.

Two questions:

1. Does anyone have a 1975 autograph that comes close to this - especially one that has been authenticated by Frank or Tracks within the last 2-3 years?

2. Has anyone used a lifetime guarantee to claim a refund from someone other than the person they bought an item from? At best I would think that you would have to ask the "secondary market" seller to make a claim under the guarantee. Whether a private seller on eBay etc. would be prepared do this is open to question. 

As a postcript to the above post this 1975 Lennon just sold in the UK for £2,200 + ca. 25% BP:

Similar to the OP?

I can't comment on the signature itself, but the writing on the back would be enough for me to look away. Writing a date and "he shook my hand" could be a forgery tactic to try and make something "feel" more authentic.

Just to much doubt on this this point im not going to pursue it anymore.Thanks alot guys for all the  input.It really helped me come to this decision.

I would run from it. 



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