John lennons butcher cover lp signed by 3 of the beatles on the block

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It sold for $125K through Heritage Auctions in 2017.


They would have to ruin that beautiful cover by writing all over it, wouldn’t they?!

Prebidding already has it at around $130,000 plus buyers premium!  Auction is tomorrow.

That's a lot of bitcoins

It’s about $130,000 too rich for my blood, but I’d love to have it, of course.

Sold for about $235,000 today!

He made a nice profit on that then! When it comes to sell my graphs I loose money!

Wait several years before you try to sell, and then do everything you can to forget what you originally paid for the item.  That way you feel much better about what you actually sell the item for.  Escape from always feels least for a little while.

The song by Calloway from 1989 comes to mind right now.

belong to dave morell long time music exc and beatles collector

I am pretty sure that Juliens includes buyers premium in their winning bid, Steve.

Winning Bid is the hammer price, Daniel.


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