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No I'm with you. 100%. Don't call it a booklet if it's not a booklet.

Also John Mayer's autograph used to be alot cooler. I assumed he shortened it to sign a couple thousand booklets, but it was pointed out to me that he's been using this abbreviated style more recently. 

Wow, the autograph in the photo you posted is even more disappointing than the already sad example that Newbury showed.

I'll tell you what. Newbury may have a lot of stuff, but a lot of it is not as awesome as it could be. 

What are you guys complaining for? Were you expecting a full name autograph and a five minute conversation? Most people would be happy just knowing they have his sig for $20.


100% agree.

I want all that, a guitar lesson, and all his exes phone numbers... I'm joking. Technically they advertised a signed cd cover and it's not one so I can see where it would be a very slight disappointment to some people (like if they said signed vinyl and you got a signed cd) yeah it's still a very cheap autograph so can't really complain, but not exactly what you were expecting or ordered. 

But I'm here for the autograph, not as much the paper its written on... it's close enough that I definitely wouldn't complain either. I'm happy with just having the signed card for that cheap... throw it in a frame and you can't tell it's not a full cd cover anyway... and a bit easier to frame a signed card... but I like to display my autographs. 

Sorry to have an opinion on what I prefer to collect. Really no reason to ridicule someone because they have collected things a certain way for 35+ years though. The point was I ordered something and then at time of shipping it is changed to something else I didn't order. The money part isn't a big deal. I understand some of you just collect autographs on whatever medium they come. That's cool and to each his own, not my thing though. But I would never feel the need to throw sarcasm your way. Not cool.

If the disappointment is there, you can always return it or sell it online. You will even get a profit out of it. I don't understand what the big deal or drama is anyway. 

I'll buy any extras people don't want.

Will make a great Christmas present.

Send me a message.

I tried sending you a message. I purchased 2 of these and I am keeping one.

Jorge...I am interested in one if you find you have an extra.

You could always return it or cancel the order.  That would resolve the issue.



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